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The state-certified team at HydroScout has reliably located leaks in Sarasota, FL, homes for over 30 years. Unlike companies that use destructive “seek and destroy” methods to find leaks, we utilize innovative sound equipment and other non-invasive pipe locators to precisely pinpoint pipe leaks within your home or business.

Sound Leak Detection in Sarasota, FL

If a leak is causing damage to your roof, air conditioning system, pool, or some other hard-to-reach area of your property, HydroScout can find it. Our highly trained leak detection specialists use electronic listening devices to accurately locate water leaks. Water creates sound waves that intensify as our technicians get closer to the source, which means we can precisely pinpoint even the tiniest of pipe leaks. Whether you have a leak buried deep behind a wall, under a concrete slab, or anywhere else, our knowledgeable water leak detection experts can efficiently locate it without excavating in or around your Sarasota, FL home.

Companies that use jackhammers, heavy excavating equipment, and other destructive leak detection methods can cause a lot of hassle for homeowners. We don’t believe in making leak detection difficult. Our advanced microphones and innovative sound equipment help us quickly find pipe leaks before they cause unnecessary damage. Water damage to floors, ceilings, cabinets, appliances, foundations, and other property elements can break the bank. That’s why we rely on innovative solutions that easily, non-destructively, and affordably find pipe leaks for our valued customers including homeowners, contractors, and insurance adjusters.

Providing High-Quality Services to Residents and Professionals

HydroScout is proud to offer quality leak detection services to a wide variety of customers in Sarasota, FL. We can work directly with homeowners who are experiencing common symptoms of a water leak. Foul mildew smells, larger than normal water bills, unexplainable wet spots, and cracked foundations can all be indicators of a leak. Of course, realizing that a leak is present is only half the battle. Precisely locating that leak before it grows into a more complex problem requires our expertise and equipment.

Besides providing leak detection for Sarasota homeowners, we also partner with insurance adjusters to conduct professional water claims investigations. With such an overwhelming number of annual water claims, insurance adjusters need reliable help from leak detection specialists. Our decades of experience, technologically advanced sound locating equipment and close personal relationships with area insurance companies means we can successfully support the claims process.

We also work with plumbing contractors. Leak detection services are at the core of what we do, but while locating pipe leaks is our specialty, repairing them is not. We have strong partnerships with many local plumbing contractors, and we work together on a water leak to bring greater efficiency to the project. When we precisely diagnose a leak, we pass that information on so the plumbing professional can provide the best repair or replacement solution for the homeowner.

Learn More from Your Leak Detection Experts at HydroScout

Precise, non-destructive leak location is our specialty. We can find a leak anywhere on your Sarasota property, so if you need dependable leak detection services, give the friendly HydroScout team a call or contact us online for more information.

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