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Pipe leaks in your Florida home or business can create significant damage. Often, those leaks go undetected until a water bill reveals an unexpected increase or the damage begins to reveal itself. The Hydro Scout team is familiar with pipe leaks hidden behind your walls. Our pipe leak detection services are backed by years of experience, highly skilled technicians and the use of advanced technology to help us locate the pipe leak without having to tear holes into your walls.

With specialized equipment, our technicians listen for the familiar sounds of running water behind your walls even when all faucets have been closed. Our Florida leak technicians have the ability to locate the pipe leak with pinpoint accuracy and allow you to partner with a trusted contractor specialist to make the pipe repair or replacement.

Your Pipe Leak Detection Experts in Florida

The certified technicians that make up the Hydro Scout team are experts in locating hidden leaks. When a pipe is release water inside your walls, our team will quickly and efficiently locate the problem. The equipment used by our trusted team relies on the sound waves created by water. Within minutes, our team can locate a pipe leak of a single drip or one that’s steadily releasing water. Our non-invasive procedures and advanced technology means your home isn’t damaged and you can make the repair before more water is released within your walls.

Pipe leaks can also occur beneath your flooring, so it’s good to understand the warning signs of a leak that may not present itself for weeks after developing. The signs of a pipe leak may include hearing water running even when all faucets are closed, smell or appearance of mildew, an unusually high water bill, cracks in the foundation, and wet or hot spots suddenly forming on your floor or walls.

The Importance of Treating Your Florida Pipe Leaks

The effects of pipe leaks that are left untreated can be very expensive for your Florida home or business. For pipe leaks hidden behind your walls, the insulation in your home can be destroyed by even a small amount of water. Mold can easily form within the insulation or drywall, creating an unpleasant odor and calling for a renovation of affected areas. An untreated pipe leak can also place undue stress on the rest of the pipe system.

Work With The Best Pipe Leak Detection Company In Florida, FL

Whether you’re a homeowner trying to determine what’s wrong with your pipe system or you’re a local plumbing contractors that seeks the assistance of expert leak detection services, the Hydro Scout team can handle the job. When working with us, you can expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff member to answer the phone and address your questions. Our technicians will arrive on time and be easy to identify. Each of our certified technicians are fully trained in pipe leak detection services using the most cutting-edge technology. Most importantly, before we begin any project on your property, we will offer a clear-cut upfront price.

The Hydro Scout team is committed to offering pipe leak detection services that place your Florida home or business as a priority. We’re proud to work with local plumbing companies, so when we locate the leak and find potential damage to your home, you can immediately rely on our plumbing partners to make the necessary repairs. Contact our team today to learn how pipe leak detection services can extend the life of your Florida pipe system.

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