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HydroScout is a precision leak detection specialist with over 30 years of extensive industry experience. We are a state-certified company that partners with plumbing professionals throughout Florida to improve the efficiency of the leak detection process.

Developing Relationships by Shaking Hands

Building close, personal relationships with Florida contractors and plumbers is important to our team at HydroScout. We believe that collaboration is the key to excellence, and by working with plumbing professionals, we can bring better quality services and results to homeowners throughout the state. HydroScout isn’t interested in taking on full-service plumbing projects. In fact, we don’t offer repair or replacement services. What we do offer is extremely specialized leak detection that can quickly pinpoint a leak, precisely determine the cause of that leak, and help plumbers better customize solutions for their customers.

HydroScout has sophisticated sound equipment, expertly trained leak detection professionals, and years of hands on experience. We can visit a home, dependably locate a leak, and give you the immediate support you need to offer the homeowner an effective repair solution. If your plumbing or contracting business wants reliable leak detection support, we’re here to help. Let’s meet, shake hands, and build a relationship that provides value to us both.

Quick, Affordable, Minimally Invasive Camera Inspections and Sewer Line Cleanings

Besides partnering with Florida contractors and plumbers to bring homeowners industry leading leak detection services, we can also assist with sewer camera inspections and cleanings. If your customers are experiencing consistent sewer backups or any other symptoms of sewer line damage, our technicians can provide a thorough diagnostic checkup. We can carefully snake our innovative sewer camera into drains ranging in size from 1 ½” to 12” in diameter. We can watch detailed footage of a sewer pipeline as the camera moves through it and records the condition of its interior. When the inspection is complete, HydroScout can provide a full color DVD recording of the inspection, a detailed written report of our findings, and a clear mapping of the pipeline’s location and depth through the property. Our diagnostics and reports can help plumbers create the most effective, time efficient repair and replacement solutions for homeowners.

HydroScout also provides professional hydro jetting services. If our camera inspection locates invading tree roots, corrosion, clogs, or other debris that needs to be removed before a plumber can begin repair efforts, our environmentally friendly hydro jetting can quickly do the job. We don’t have to dig trenches or use time consuming excavation to clean out drain pipes and sewer lines. Instead, our technicians can dig a small entry hole, send the specialized hydro jet hose into the pipe, and scour the pipeline interior with highly pressurized water. In a short amount of time, the clean water can dislodge and flush out obstructions and restore flow capacity to a pipe. Then, a plumber can move on with quality repair services.

We also enjoy working with insurance adjusters. We have many close, long lasting relationships with insurance companies, and when insurance companies call us in, we can accurately analyze what caused a home to experience water damage. Our thorough insurance inspections can help resolve insurance claims questions, dependably identify origins of water damage, and bring valuable support to insurance adjusters.

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HydroScout leak detection, sewer camera inspection, and hydro jetting services are as good as they get. It's our goal to supplement your business instead of taking away from it. To learn more, give our friendly team a call or fill out our online contact form.


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It's our goal to supplement your business instead of taking away from it. To learn more, give our friendly team a call at (877)588-5325 or fill out the form below.

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