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Leak Detection and Pipe Repair VS Total Plumbing Re-Pipe

Leak detection and pipe repair can be a cost-effective alternative to a complete home re-pipe.

Total home re-pipes cost on average $4000 to $12000. The average leak detection and repair can be completed for much less. Potable plumbing systems typically have a serviceable life of more than 40 years. One leak is not indicative of a failing plumbing system.

HydroScout recommends locating and repairing your first leak… if your home has a history of reoccurring leaks, it may be necessary to completely re-pipe the entire home.

HydroScout technicians have successfully located thousands of leaks throughout Florida for more than 30 years, saving our customers time and money.

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A complete re-pipe of your home may not be necessary. If you have a leak, contact us immediately by calling 877-588-5325.