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HydroScout is a family-owned and operated company proudly providing reliable leak detection and insurance inspection services to Florida homeowners, contractors, and insurance adjusters. Over the past thirty years, our skilled team has trained hard to develop the premier expertise and knowledge we’ve become known for, so if you need the highest quality service from a trusted team of state certified professionals, turn to HydroScout.

Precise and Non-Destructive Leak Detection Solutions

Effective and professional leak detection is the foundation of our business, which means our technicians have the innovative techniques, reliable equipment, and time tested experience to dependably locate even the smallest leaks. From the roof all the way down to the ground, if anything is leaking in a customer’s home, talented HydroScout technicians can find it.

When we’re called to a project site, we won’t gut a home to try and find the problem. Instead, our non-destructive, state-of-the-art leak detection services use sound waves to accurately pinpoint leaks in and around Florida plumbing systems, air conditioning units, pools and spas, roofs, slabs, walls and other residential spaces.

Building Strong Relationships with Every Customer

As a leading leak detection specialist, we build strong relationships with homeowners, plumbers, and insurance companies. When homeowners find water pooling on their properties, our knowledgeable technicians can provide convenient leak detection services that don’t require excessive force and destruction. Traditional leak detection utilized a “seek and destroy” mentality that caused undue damage to foundations, patios, and other property elements, but we don’t use outdated drilling or other damaging leak detection methods. HydroScout relies on non-invasive, gentle sound waves that locate leaks without causing expensive harm to homes and properties.

A lot of our leak detection work is done for plumbers, and we love collaborating with plumbing professionals to improve the efficiency of the leak detection process. When plumbers turn to us, we can work together to precisely diagnose leaks and bring quicker solutions to homeowners. We also offer sewer camera inspections and hydro jetting drain cleaning services, so if plumbers suspect leaking in their customers’ sewer lines, our technicians can assist in locating the specific damage.

We also enjoy working with insurance adjusters. We have many close, long lasting relationships with insurance companies, and when insurance companies call us in, we can accurately analyze what caused a home to experience water damage. Our thorough insurance inspections can help resolve insurance claims questions, dependably identify origins of water damage, and bring valuable support to insurance adjusters.

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HydroScout serves outstanding leak detection services to homes from Mobile, AL, to Key West, FL. We respectfully work with homeowners, insurance adjusters, and plumbing professionals to provide reliable leak detection, sewer camera inspections, and hydro jetting services that can save customers the hassle of extensive water damage down the road. To learn more about HydroScout and our professional leak locating services, give our friendly team a call or fill out our online contact form.

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