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Common Water Leak Questions

With over 30 years of impressive industry experience, HydroScout is a leading premier leak detection specialist. We provide Florida homeowners, plumbing contractors, and insurance adjusters with high quality, reliable, professional services. Throughout our decades of dependable service, we’ve been asked many questions by our customers, neighbors, and friends. To provide convenient answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we receive, we’ve put together this insightful compilation. Of course, if you have additional questions or you’d like to speak with a trusted technician, reach out and give HydroScout a call or fill out our easy online contact form.

What services does HydroScout offer?

HydroScout is widely recognized as an industry expert leak detection company. In a residential setting, if there’s a leak anywhere between a homeowner’s roof and the ground, we can find it. Our extensively trained technicians can find leaks on any pipe, in any condition, under any surface. Besides our precision water leak detection, we also offer the following additional leak detection services:

Water intrusion detection. Water can enter a home through many outside sources. For example, wind driven rain, surface water, and groundwater can all cause damage to Florida homes. Those external sources of water intrusion can encourage water vapors and condensation to cause structural damage, but HydroScout technicians can reliably locate the water intrusion source and stop the spread of deterioration.

Pool leak detection. Many Florida homes have pools, spas, and fountains. If those water features begin to leak, we can utilize our systematic approach to finding the source. For example, if your pool is leaking, certified HydroScout technicians can inspect all elements of the pool, including its shell, liner, lighting, and plumbing. Then, we can efficiently locate the leak source and determine the cause of the problem.

Fire and pipeline leak detection. Tiny leaks in fire lines and pipelines can cause significant drops in pressure, but regardless of how small the leak, we can accurately pinpoint it. We can find leaks on check valves and isolation valves and efficiently restore the pressure back to fire lines and pipe systems.

Slab leak detection. Underground leaks can be especially frustrating for homeowners, but we can use a combination of pipe inspection, electronic listening, pressure testing, and line tracing to locate the exact position of the leak.

Wherever a leak is plaguing your property, our skilled team can find it. We use the most innovative and effective equipment and have years of specialized knowledge that can assist us as we successfully find the problem.

Will your leak detection efforts destroy my property?

No. We use modern, highly specialized sound equipment to locate leaks. While some companies rely on the traditional “seek and destroy” leak detection method that requires damaging drilling and excavating, our trained technicians use a variety of non-invasive electronic listening devices to hear leaks.

Our state-of-the-art listening equipment helps us precisely find leaks. Leaks make different sounds depending on the pressure inside the pipe, the pipe material, the pipe diameter, the soil type, the depth of the pipe, and many other factors. We can listen for hissing, whooshing, splashing, babbling, clinking, and any other signature sounds and use that sound transmission to hone in on the exact leak location. Even if there is no physical evidence of a water leak on a property, we can follow the sounds. As we get closer to the actual leak, the sounds get louder. When we’ve found the loudest sounds, we can verify the location using other equipment and methods. Our wide range of listening techniques, technologically advanced sound tools, and over 30 years of specialized leak detection experience give us great confidence that we’ve accurately and correctly located a leak.

How long does it take to find a leak?

In general, HydroScout technicians can accurately pinpoint a leak within 1 to 2 hours. Our innovative sound devices and extensive experience help us quickly locate leaks. The hit and miss digging techniques of other companies can cause excessive property damage and take up to several weeks to complete, but we can get the job done right in a fraction of the time.

What are the signs of a water leak?

There are some common signs of water leakage that Florida homeowners can watch out for, including but not limited to:

You hear water running. If you hear water running, but you’ve verified that none of your fixtures are turned on, call HydroScout right away. The sound likely indicates a leak, and if that leak is allowed to continue, your home could experience water damage that could be extremely expensive and time consuming to repair.

Your utility bills are higher than normal. Unusual spikes in your water bills could be an indication of a leak. If the leak isn’t immediately located, your bills could continue to spiral out of control and eat larger chunks out of your monthly budget.

You smell musty odors. Excess moisture can deteriorate your home’s air quality, so if you smell musty or other pungent odors, call our professionals. The foul smell could be coming from mold growth caused by water damage, and if that leak isn’t quickly located, the mold could lead to harmful health consequences for you and your family.

You notice water stains. If you see visible water stains or warping on your ceilings, walls, or floors, you could have a hidden plumbing leak. That staining and warping of your sheetrock, drywall, and other household materials could continue to get worse and rack up your repair costs.

If you notice these or any other symptoms of a water leak, immediately contact HydroScout. We have quick, reliable service to diagnose leaks and help homeowners get their properties restored as quickly as possible.

What kinds of clients do you service?

We are proud to serve homeowners, plumbers, and insurance adjusters. If homeowners suspect a leak, they can call us directly and we’ll promptly provide our services. Many times, however, homeowners call plumbing professionals for their leak detection needs. We can assist plumbers with that leak detection. Plumbers and plumbing contractors can call us into the project and we can use our specialized service, decades of specialized experience, and high quality listening equipment to pinpoint the leak. Then, the plumber can use that information to customize the most effective repair or replacement solution for the customer. We have successfully partnered with numerous plumbing professionals over the years to add efficiency to the leak detection location and repair process for homeowners, and we look forward to continued collaborations for years to come.

We have also worked closely with many insurance companies in our over three decades of leak detection service. Insurance adjusters receive approximately 1,000 water related claims each month in Florida, and HydroScout can help adjusters with the insurance claims inspection process. We can determine what caused a loss on the claim, figure out what led to flooding or water damage, and affordably provide the information that insurance adjusters need.

Can you locate water or sewer drains?

HydroScout does offer pipe locating and tracing. If you need to know where your water or sewer drains are located, our technicians can help. Without disrupting your property, we can provide the exact location of concealed water lines, shut off valves, manifolds, clean outs, sewer pipe lines, city taps, manholes, or storm drain lines. We can find your hidden pipes and give you all the details regarding them.

Our talented team can also update your blueprints or create new plumbing prints based on the locations of your water and sewer pipes. All of this can be done without digging up your floors, landscaping, driveway, and other valuable property elements.

Do you offer other services besides leak detection?

Yes, we also provide high quality sewer camera inspections and hydro jetting. These services allow us to inspect, clean, and re-inspect Florida sewer pipes. If homeowners are experiencing recurring sewage backups or other signs of a cracked or broken sewer drain, we can help. Our sewer camera inspections and cleaning can also assist plumbing professionals with their repair or replacement efforts.

To begin an effective sewer camera inspection, our technicians can dig a small entry hole in a convenient location on the property. Then, they can gently navigate the high resolution camera into the sewer drain. As the camera snakes through the pipe, it can send footage to a ground level monitor that our technicians can watch and analyze. The footage of the pipe interior can help our technicians determine the condition of the pipe and locate exact areas of corrosion, invading tree roots, debris, clogs, and any other blockages. That information can assist homeowners and plumbing professionals determine the next best steps.

Part of our sewer camera inspection process is detailed reporting. We can provide a full color DVD recording of the inspection plus a detailed written report of our findings. We can also give customers complete mappings of their pipeline locations and depths. Our reports detail the exact cause of any drain related issues and provide clear findings on the sewer drain’s condition.

If the next step is pipeline repair, we can prepare the pipes with our environmentally friendly hydro jetting services. Through the entry hole, our technicians can send a specialized hydro jetting hose into the pipes. The rotating nozzle on the end of the hose can blast highly pressurized water through the pipeline, and as the hose moves along, debris and blockages can be scoured off the pipeline interior and flushed away. The quick, convenient service can restore the flow capacity and full pipeline diameter and leave the pipe clean and ready for any future plumbing repairs.

Sewer Video Inspection

How can I find out if my property is losing too much water?

HydroScout offers detailed water conversation surveys. A large percentage of drinking water can be lost to underground leaks, and those leaks can contribute to very high water bills for Florida homeowners. If you suspect unintentional water loss, we offer a simple three-step process to identify the source:

Monitor. During a predetermined time frame, we can monitor real time water consumption. If we see constant meter activity during the monitored period, we can safely assume that a leak is present in your water line.

Locate. Using our sound equipment, we can precisely locate the leak.

Expose. After we’ve determined where the leak is, we can expose and repair the identified problems.

Our intensive water conversation surveys can help homeowners save money on their water bills and stop the unnecessary waste of water.

Do you offer stucco inspections?

In addition to our other professional services, we also offer independent, third party ,stucco inspections. Our stucco inspection services include annual stucco inspections, electronic moisture scans, infrared building inspections, exterior sealant and flashing inspections, and pre-purchase inspections. All of these services help homeowners know if moisture is causing damage to their stucco’s structural integrity.

Do you offer plumbing repairs or replacements?

Although HydroScout is a state licensed plumbing company, we don’t offer plumbing repair or replacement services. We specialize in leak detection, which can assist plumbers as they create repair and replacement solutions for homeowners. We do partner with many professional plumbers to bring efficiency to the leak detection and repair process, which saves homeowners time and money and benefits all parties involved.

What is your service area?

HydroScout provides superior service throughout the state of Florida and east to Mobile, AL. If you are a homeowner, plumber, or insurance adjuster in this region, don’t hesitate to reach out and rely on our outstanding team for your leak detection needs.

Why should I hire HydroScout?

We’ve spent the past 30 years perfecting our high quality leak detection services. That specialized industry experience has made us a leading expert, and we proudly provide that expertise to homeowners, insurance adjusters, and plumbing professionals throughout Florida. We don’t want customers to stress out about unexpected water damage, and our quick and reliable leak detections can find the source of water leaks in mere hours. Our family-owned and –operated company has the expertise and knowledge you need, so give our friendly team a call or fill out our convenient online contact form to learn more about HydroScout.

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