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Do you live in a home or own a building and need to know where your water or sewer drains are located? Did the last maintenance man on your property leave with the original blue prints of the plumbing system in his head?

At HydroScout we provide pipe line tracing and locating services for all types of plumbing systems. Without disruption or disturbance to your property, we will give you the exact location of any buried or concealed water line, shut off valve, manifold, clean out, sewer pipe line, city tap, manhole, or storm drain line. If there is a hidden pipe on your property we have the tools and trained technicians to find it and tell you everything there is to know about it.

In addition to our tracing and locating services, we also offer a unique systems mapping service that allows us to update old blue prints or create a new set of plumbing prints based on the exact locations and depths of your water and sewer pipes. All of our tracing and locating services are conducted with electronic locators and specific transmitters that enable our technicians to accurately locate your lines without digging up your floors or destroying expensive landscaping.

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