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Each year, millions of dollars are spent in Florida alone, on water extraction and repairs to homes and buildings from damage caused by water intrusions.

Water intrusion from outside sources such as wind driven rain or surface and ground water is common, but the ability to locate them can often be a challenge, even for experienced contractors.

In addition to outside sources of water intrusion, we also see many buildings that have damage caused by water vapor and condensation, which can naturally occur in any structure.

At HydroScout, our technicians have conducted hundreds of successful water intrusion inspections. If you see signs of gradual staining on your ceilings or floors and are not sure if you have a serious leak; don't make the mistake of waiting until it's too late. We see many situations where structures have sustained substantial damage caused by water intrusion when very minimal staining was found.

Having years of experience with virtually every type of water intrusion, HydroScout will diagnose your problem and offer professional advice on a proper repair.

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