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Water damage is the most common type of insurance claim in Florida, with insurance companies receiving up to 1,000 property damage claims each month. That significant workload can be overwhelming for insurance adjusters who are trying to stay on top of their water claim investigations, but HydroScout can add efficiency and ease to the insurance adjustment process.

HydroScout is a state certified leak detection company with over 30 years of experience, and we’ve partnered with many insurance companies over the years to provide reliable, professional, top quality leak detection inspections.

Accurately Determining the Cause of Water Damage

Water damage can come from many sources. From burst pipes to roof leaks, cracked swimming pools, and anything in between, a variety of leaks can plague Florida homes. HydroScout technicians are extensively trained to accurately determine the type of leak that is causing water damage to a property. We use highly technical, innovative electronic listening devices and other pipe locators to find leaks. Our advanced equipment helps us find even the smallest leaks, so you can trust that we’ll correctly and quickly get to the source of the problem.

Our effective, precise leak detection services have helped many insurance companies. We’ve developed strong working relationships with many insurance adjusters. HydroScout professionals have a demonstrated history of partnering with insurance adjusters to efficiently find leaks and determine what caused them. Our work is not only efficient and dependable, but also affordable. Our insurance inspection rates are far below what engineers charge to complete the same service, so instead of paying more for the same work, rely on the experienced and cost-efficient leak detection specialists at HydroScout.

Thoroughly Documenting the Specific Cause of Loss Results

Part of our in-depth cause of loss inspections is detailed reporting. We can determine the cause of loss for all types of water and sewer related insurance claims, including roof and drain leaks, slab leaks, floor damage, and other moisture related issues. Our unbiased technicians can record all their inspection results and provide insurance adjusters with documents that specifically address the cause of the loss. HydroScout experts can also communicate clearly with insurance adjusters to explain any pertinent information they may need. We value our close and personal relationships with the insurance companies we work for, so if you’d like an expert water damage assessment, rely on our talented team.

Rely on HydroScout for Professional, Reliable, Convenient Service

To enlist HydroScout for your insurance claims work, give our knowledgeable team a call or fill out our online contact form. Insurance adjusters throughout Florida have trusted our expertise, exceptional customer service, and commitment to quality for decades, and we look forward to continuing our premier leak detection services for many more years to come.

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