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Most homes in Sarasota sit atop a slab of concrete. If a leak develops in the water lines underneath this concrete foundation, it is called a slab leak. This type of leak is a challenge for homeowners to have to deal with and can happen to both hot and cold water lines, as well as any appliance connected to those lines.

Since slab leaks take place not only underground, but beneath your Sarasota house, they can be difficult to detect. It’s possible for these buried pipes to show no external indication of a leak, which means you might have one without realizing it. A slab leak can cause extensive damage if left untreated, and in extreme circumstances, can saturate the ground to such a degree that it causes your home’s foundation to collapse.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Several factors can cause slab leaks to develop within your Sarasota foundation or pipes, including the following.

1. Ground/foundation shifts: Every house settles with age, and the foundation may shift along with it. Likewise, seismic activity can cause the earth itself to move. These pressures can cause pipes to weaken and leak.

2. Incorrect installation: Though water lines are designed to be durable, shoddy installation leaves them more vulnerable to leaks once the weight of a home is sitting on top of them. If your pipes experienced damage during installation, the spots where they don’t run straight could develop leaks.

3. Abrasion: Pipes naturally expand and contract in response to the flow of water. If the pipes are running alongside rocks, concrete or adjoining pipes, the expansion and contraction could cause them to rub up against these rough materials until they eventually wear down.

4. Water quality: Do you know the pH of your water? Overly acidic or alkaline water can eat directly through your pipes as the years go by. This corrosion can cause potentially irreversible water damage.

5. Time: If you have an older home, you probably have already experienced some issues related to aging fixtures, appliances or other components of your Sarasota-area house. Though most sewer lines are long-lasting, they will wear out eventually. As a result, it is more likely a slab leak will happen as time marches on.

What to Do If You Suspect a Slab Leak

If you think you might have a slab leak, you should not try to detect or repair it on your own. Only experts have the equipment and know-how to address this problem and help restore the integrity of your water lines – and your home’s foundation, if necessary.

The HydroScout team uses sophisticated listening equipment in slab leak detection. The sound sensors we rely on for slab leak detection are designed to help us hear through layers of hardscape and ground to locate the sound of dripping or gushing water. We can locate leaks as deep as 10 feet beneath the earth’s surface, without having to do any digging.

Work with Your Leading Sarasota, FL Slab Leak Detection Experts

Because we have invested in such state-of-the-art leak detection tools, plumbing contractors often rely on us to help them find leaks in ways that save their customers time and money. To learn more about the services our family-owned and -operated Florida company provides, please reach out to us today.

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