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Many Sarasota, Florida homeowners embrace the beautiful weather of the Sunshine State and live the dream of owning a pool or spa. However, if your pool develops leaks, that dream can become a nightmare. Pool and spa leaks can be expensive and destructive, and they can also be challenging to detect. If you suspect your pool or spa is leaking, property damage is likely one of your primary concerns. That’s why it will probably come as a relief that non-invasive leak detection methods are available.

Leak Detection That Preserves Your Property Value

As pools age, it’s not unusual for them to develop leaks. Pool and spa leaks are notoriously challenging to detect, even for trained professionals. That’s why it’s essential to find a reliable and experienced pool and spa leak detection service.

Sarasota homeowners have many reasons to prioritize non-destructive leak detection solutions. At HydroScout, we don’t have to tear apart your yard or patio to provide you with the answers to all your questions about pool and spa leaks. We accomplish this using sound waves to discover leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Is It a Leak, or Evaporation?

Often, Sarasota, FL homeowners notice a drop of water levels in their pool and immediately assume the worst. However, a loss of water is often the result of other, more straightforward reasons such as weather and evaporation.

If you are new to pool ownership, you might not be familiar with what evaporation rates are within a normal range for your pool. Factors such as the ambient temperature, the temperature of your water, the amount of direct sunlight your pool receives and the presence of cross-winds will all affect your evaporation rates, and so will whether you use a solar blanket to cover your pool at night.

Do You Need Pool or Spa Leak Detection?

Leaky pools or spas are almost always the source of significant property damage – not only to your pool but to your home or patio as well. You may also unwittingly be damaging your neighbor’s property with your leaking pool.

In addition to your pool itself, you may have developed a leak in one of the components of the pool, such as the filter, pump, chlorinator, filter or underground pipe network.

There are many subtle symptoms when a pool is leaking in a specific spot. You may fail to notice something minor a more experienced eye may spot immediately. That’s why it’s so essential to work with a pool and spa leak detection company with years of training and professional know-how in their pocket.

When it comes to finding Sarasota, FL pool and spa leaks, any part of your pool that shows signs of structural damage or wear is a red flag. Decks and patios that are sinking or have developed surrounding cracks are one symptom to look for. Rust forming around the skimmer and return ports, patched holes in your pool liner and irregularities in the floor of the pool are issues of note that require careful scrutiny and may represent either the cause or the symptom of a leak that has developed.

Reputable Sarasota, FL Pool and Spa Leak Detection Professionals

Leaks are a genuine concern for any responsible pool owner. At HydroScout, our team is licensed and certified to provide our services from Mobile, AL, all the way to Key West, FL. We do much of our leak detection work in partnership with plumbing companies and insurance adjusters, and we have strengthened those relationships over three decades in business. To learn more about our reliable leak detection services, reach out to us today.

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